Safety Is Everybody’s Responsibility

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Whether we are conducting our daily work routine or working on chores around our house, practicing safety fundamentals is important to promoting a risk free environment. Some basic “toolbox” safety rules to follow at home and work are listed below for your use. You are important to your family and others around you. Think “safety first” at work and at home!

  • Follow all posted instructions at your work location. Get trained on your company”s safety policy and procedures.

  • Correct or report unsafe conditions.

  • Keep your workstation or jobsite clean and orderly.

  • Use the right tools and equipment for the job. Practice defensive driving techniques at all times.

  • Report all injuries to your supervisor. Get first aid treatment immediately it needed. Locate hospitals and first aid kits prior to starting a project.

  • Use, adjust and repair equipment only when authorized and trained to do so.

  • Use personal protective equipment. Wear safe clothing. Keep items in good condition.

  • No horseplay. Avoid distracting others.

  • Use proper lifting technique.

  • Comply with all safety rules and signs. Locate electrical, gas and water service prior to starting any project.

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